Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Visit From My Daughter

I am having a lovely visit with my eldest daughter, Marie. Most of you know her from her blog, A Colorful World. Due to circumstances 'belong our control' we hadn't seen each other in some years. So, we've been doing a bunch of catching up. 

After years of not driving far from home, I went to the airport two hours away to pick her up. So, I was very proud of myself. Of course, the GPS helped!! 

We've done some fun stuff so I just wanted to share a bit of that with you.... and we have two more days left before she has to leave. 

On Saturday we took a drive into the countryside, swinging through Smithfield where we knew we'd have photo opts. The town has a lot of historic and interesting houses. It's the home of Smithfield Foods (all that ham and bacon, you know). Here's Marie taking pictures of a home for sale on the Pagan River. Oh how we wish we could buy it! 

                             We stopped by Smithfield Foods Corporate Buildings and Gardens. 

On to Surry Seafood Company for lunch. We ate on the patio overlooking a beautiful scene with a slight breeze blowing. The food was yummy and we enjoyed all that so much.

Oh, while on the way to the restaurant we swung in for a 'drive by' at Bacon's Castle. Both of us had done the tour before so we just wanted pictures. This is the site of Bacon's Rebellion in which Jamestown was burned and in which my husbands direct ancestor was hung for his participation. 

                         And, the cotton was ready for picking in a field at Bacon's Castle. 

So, it was a fun day. More to come later on. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Barns With Silos

                                                          I like barns with silos! Don't you? 

                                          Here are a few that I have run across in my travels. 

I love joining in with Tom at Barn Collective. I bet you'd enjoy the pictures on his site, as well. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Black Alpaca

On a recent trip to Alabama to visit my son, I was happy to see the alpacas at feed in the enclosure next door. They are always fun to watch. The people have several of various colors but I especially like the black one.

 I am linking today with Eileen's Saturday Critters